I have made soya milk in the past and it is pretty easy to do and am actually able to make it in two flavors, “grassy” and “non-grassy”.

Then there are the nut-milks – the quick milks of the non-milks. While I have mostly made almond milk it seems to be a bit pricey because of the cost of almonds. On the other hand, it is possible to buy almonds by the bulk here and therefore bypass plastic packaging.

But my non-milk of choice is oat-milk. Therefore the aim of this exercise is to be able to make it myself and be independent of the purchased variety and its packaging.

The results of my attempts to make oat-milk have been varied, from complete failures to near-misses. The recipe that comes closest is mixing cooked oatmeal with sweet miso. The enzymes in the miso break the complex carbohydrates of the oats down into simple sugars; therefore the sweet taste and un-oaty taste of oat-milk. Unfortunately the miso available was very salty and so was the oat-milk. So the solution to this might be just another miso brand.


This blog is a challenge to see if it’s possible to live a single-use plastic free in Norway, using Beth Terry’s 100 steps as a guideline http://myplasticfreelife.com/plasticfreeguide/.

Now this might not seem like much of a challenge, but looking at the steps I started to get an inkling that it was not going to be that easy. Take step ten, choose milk in returnable glass bottles; I have never seen returnable milk bottles in Norway. They might have at one time but not for the last thirty years.

Other steps are easy like number 21; carry lunches in reusable stainless containers or cloth bags – done and do.

But there are those steps that I don’t do but could do such as step 1. Carry reusable shopping bags and that is where the real challenge comes in.

Therefore, I have divided Terry’s list into Done, Can Do and Can’t Do steps.

What about those Can’t Do steps in Norway; like using returnable glass milk bottles? Why aren’t those options available here? I’m thinking that is something to find out about.