Renewable Shopping Bags the Turkish Way

Even though Turkey is not an EU-member, it is an associate member; it has embraced the EU’s plastic bag recommendations to reduce their use.

In 2008 Carrefour, a French owned food chain in Turkey, offered its customers a lifelong subscription to net bags. That is, once a customer has bought a net bag from them it can be could return when worn to be replaced for free. Two other Turkish food chains, Grup Metro and Tesco Kipa offer similar solutions to their customers. Metro sells strong and washable bags at a cost that is little bit more than a single use plastic bag and Kipa offers reusable net bags. accessed August 18, 2014

Not quite joined at the hip to the EU community, Norway (not a member state but connected through EFTA membership) has taken other steps. While Luxemburg banned the bags outright (to the ire or some) Norway introduced a surcharge for each bag.

The surcharged worked well in Northern Ireland, an EU-member state, but from casual observation as a weekly shopper in Norway, feel that it has had little effect here. Some use reusable bags but believe the majority pay the small fee. One might argue that the economic penalty would have an effect in a country going through a large economic crisis, like Northern Ireland, while not so in one that is not – Norway. That is consumers here can afford to pay for the momentary convenience.


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