No Sighting of The Mighty White Whale in Oslo (and a short verbal photo op of Oslo)

Equipped with my mighty string net bag I was off to Oslo a Saturday afternoon in search of the great white whale – or a school of them. During the summer I had seen plastic bottles strew over the sidewalks and these bottles where to be my white whales that Saturday.

My plan was that the captured bottles would be returned to the recycling center and the deposit money donated to a worthy cause. So eager to cast my net bag out I started my journey from Oslo’s Central Train Station.

Jo ho and shiver me timbers not a plastic bottle in sight. Up the main way fair, Karl Johans gate, and back through its side tributaries my net remained empty; no beached bottles to be seen only bottles harboring safely in their owner’s mitts.

What I did get for my trouble was a snapshot of Oslo a sunny late summer afternoon:

Schools of tourists and locals meandered the byways. And one spot I saw a large crowd of people watching someone on pedestal covered completely in a bag moving about. Not sure what it was I put it down to Avant-garde busking.

Nearing the Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, I heard shouting and counter-shouting. One group stood just outside the steps in to the Parliament while the another group stood across the street. Police scattered in between. On my way back to the station I passed the Parliament on the opposite side and the two groups where still there. But this time Bruce Springsteen‘s Born in USA was blaring from a loudspeaker. That was a bit confusing.

But what of the mighty white whale? Perhaps I am looking at this in the wrong way. Even if I had a successful fishing excursion it is not so much that there are plastic bottles being recycled and not causing eyesores but that they are there in the first place.


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