Sleepless in Seattle – Plastic Free in Norway

This blog is a challenge to see if it’s possible to live a single-use plastic free in Norway, using Beth Terry’s 100 steps as a guideline

Now this might not seem like much of a challenge, but looking at the steps I started to get an inkling that it was not going to be that easy. Take step ten, choose milk in returnable glass bottles; I have never seen returnable milk bottles in Norway. They might have at one time but not for the last thirty years.

Other steps are easy like number 21; carry lunches in reusable stainless containers or cloth bags – done and do.

But there are those steps that I don’t do but could do such as step 1. Carry reusable shopping bags and that is where the real challenge comes in.

Therefore, I have divided Terry’s list into Done, Can Do and Can’t Do steps.

What about those Can’t Do steps in Norway; like using returnable glass milk bottles? Why aren’t those options available here? I’m thinking that is something to find out about.


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